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AKSA-SDS provides up-to-date Value Added Services for different technology platforms to our corporate clients.

value-added-services at Retail is an efficient Web Service designed for Telecom companies, which enables retailers of the company to activate or deactivate Value Added Services (value-added-services) on behalf of the customer. Value-added services are all the services beyond standard voice calls and fax transmissions and are often introduced to customers after they have purchased the core services.
Retailers are allowed to purchase value-added-services for customers by sending a request, which is then delivered to the customer's handset. On each transaction, the retailer will get commission that will be posted to his account, soon after the transaction is carried out. All the transactions are logged on to the system, which will be used afterwards for reporting, invoicing and reconciliation purposes.

SIP (Single Interface Provisioning System) is a solution that allows the activation and deactivation of value-added-services services requested by the customers. The engineers at AKSA-SDS have designed SIP to enable telecom companies to take charge of Value Added Services by allowing their Retailers/Franchises to activate/deactivate these services independently.
The process flow is quite simple with the application initiating with a link. Using the SIP solution, the CROs can view details of the subscribers, find information of activated services and also view reports for all transactions.

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