Value Added Services (VAS)

Value Added Services (VAS)

VAS is non-core service apart from the core services, beneficial to customers that are offered by mobile service providers. There is much increasing trend of using VAS on mobile phones almost everywhere, which is leading to the growth of the MVAS market globally.

Increasing quality of smart phones and tablets at affordable rates, availability of 3G/ 4G data services by telecom providers, need of information, entertainment and M-commerce are driving the growth of mobile value added services. Demand for personalized, extremely relevant and content rich VAS has brought high growth prospects. Carrier providers are demanding from software vendors to provide cost effective, dependable and well-tested VAS applications, which help them generate revenue and improve customer satisfaction.


An efficient system, for the Telecom industries, which enables its retailers to activate or deactivate VAS services on the customer’s behalf. Through VAS@Retail, Retailers will be able to purchase contents for customer by sending a request, which will be delivered on customer’s handset. VAS@Retail system empowers the retailers to carry out Paired SIM sale, Book your number, SIM replacement & MNP services. It contains generic commissioning system through which commission and bonuses are transferred to retailer and franchise accounts. It supports upfront, arrear and retention commission policies. On each transaction, the retailer will get commission that will be posted to his/her account, soon after the transaction is carried out.

All the transactions are logged in to the system, which will be used afterwards for reporting, invoicing and reconciliation purposes. It is robust and scalable solution with native multi-threading support. SMS and USSD communication interfaces are supported at client end. For management and operations team, VAS@Retail has a comprehensive backend administration portal with complete user management, profile management and role based assignments. The product also contains a dashboard reflecting different aspects, services, statuses and work load on the system.

Bulk Financial Adjustment in Retailer/Franchise Account
Complaint Handling & Transaction Rollback System
Supports both USSD & SMS channels
Activation/ Deactivation of VAS services
Content Purchasing
Services & Retailers Configuration
Fees & Tax Configuration
BYN (Book your number)
Sim Replacement
Black/ White listing of VAS/ MNP retailers
Integration with payment gateway for commission disbursement
Commissioning & Bonus Module
Service Scheduling
Alert System
Admin Portal
Reporting Module
MNP service
Transaction Reversal

SMS Translator

AKSA is providing the services of multilingual Translation and Transliteration including Urdu over SMS. SMS Translator service allows subscribers to translate any phrase from one of the 14 supported languages to another. The system has built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that detects the phrase language without the user needing to specify the source language.

SMS Translator

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