PRSRV is an efficient mobile phone charger and power bank combined in a single assembly. The complete battery bank capacity has been divided into two parts as a main power bank and a credit card sized Cartridge (removable battery) to increase portability. It has implemented an intelligent technique of charging on priority basis. The highest priority set is for the mobile phone charging followed by cartridge and lastly the main power bank battery.


Automatic system for power selection from Adapter or Battery Bank
Allows the power bank to charge digital devices separately while it is being charged
High-tech, high efficiency batteries, powerful with long cycle life
Integrated & intelligent Power Path feature allowing the AC adapter to power the system instantly even with a deeply discharged battery.
Fast charging and Trickle charging configurations
Additional retractable battery to charge the mobile directly without using the power bank
Intelligent display of LED to indicate the charging status and power levels
High accuracy Constant-Current/Constant-Voltage Operation with Thermal Regulation to Maximize Charge Rate without the risk of Overheating


Most suitable for charging handheld digital devices with 5V DC input such as:

Smart Phones
Tablet PC
MP3, MP4
Personal Digital Assistants
GPS etc

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