Power Solutions

Power Solutions

AKSA has accredited itself in design and development of switching mode power supplies for industrial applications, avionics, locomotives and IOT platforms. In power sector we are working in following sub-domains :

Isolated/non-isolated/High Voltage power supplies (Switch Mode, Modular based & Linear Regulated) of different voltages and current ratings as per requirements
Design, development, repair/troubleshooting & modification of Analog, Digital and Power circuits
High frequency fly-back and multiple output transformer design for different frequencies
Push-Pull, Boost, Buck, Buck-Boost and Ćuk Converter designs
Frequency Converter from 220 VAC, 50Hz to 115 VAC, 400Hz with 0A ~ 6A current
Under Voltage & over voltage, reverse & short circuit protection, EMI/EMC, Shielding and Band Pass Filters

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