Onboarding Solutions (KYC)

Onboarding Solutions (KYC)

AKSA has implemented the IBM’s Design Thinking Framework for which Digital account opening app was developed with following features:

Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding
Lead management system
Digitalization of Customer Signatures
Data Capturing (On field Account Opening) with App
Banking account registration for multiple levels through agent app
Document Scanning & Submission to Core Banking System
AML Access list check for new customers on Tablet
Lead generation for walk-in customers
Bank account registration over SMS
Bank account registration through integration with USSD
Mark account as “Suspended”, “Dormant” or “Active”
Bulk Bank account registration

Agent/ Merchant Onboarding

Merchant account registration
Assigning Merchant ID
Bucket Management for Approval/ Rejection
Assigning Pool accounts to Agent
Pool Account limit management
White listing/ Black listing of agent management
Agent/ Merchant Onboarding

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