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In our data-driven world, strong authentication is crucial. Our contactless biometric verification solution transforms fingerprint authentication by using smartphones for top-notch security and convenience. It captures fingerprints seamlessly without physical contact with sensors, making it both innovative and user-friendly. Our biometric verification solution empowers businesses to embrace a future of secure and convenient authentication.


FingerPrint Biometric Verification
Contactless Fingerprint Capture
FingerPrint Biometric Verification
Enhanced Security
FingerPrint Biometric Verification
Improved User Experience
FingerPrint Biometric Verification
Scalability and Flexibility

Contactless Fingerprint Capture:


Position your hand behind the phone.

01 Step

Let the rear camera detect your fingers.

02 Step

Align them within the guide and maintain a steady hand.

03 Step

Capture all four fingerprints simultaneously.

04 Step

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