Fingerprint Biometric Verification

Fingerprint Biometric Verification

AKSA’s Biometric Solution is a complete, stand-alone fingerprint recognition, registration and verification system. The Solution helps to automate all the business processes that involve Biometric Verification.

AKSA’s Biometric Verification System is integrated with web based, mobile based and desktop / Laptop applications. It is an exclusive solution to boost the business development. It can also be used for electronic banking channels such as Mobile ATM, POS, and Internet. Biometrics is a rapidly evolving technology that is being widely used in forensics, security, prevent unauthorized access in banks or ATMs, in cellular phones, smart cards, PCs, in workplaces, and computer networks.


Fingerprint Enrolment/ Registration
1:1 Verification
1:N Verification
Configurable enrolment and matching threshold
Control system settings (brightness, exposure, gain, security levels, quality threshold, etc.)
Live Fingerprint Detection (LFD)
AES-256 bit encryption
AFIS Methodology
Fingerprint enrolment and verification through mobile phone camera

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