Digital Banking Platform

Digital Signature Certificate Services

A digital signature is the electronic fingerprint. It let users sign a document electronically and validates the signatory.

AKSA’s Digital Banking Platform allows banks to digitally sign all transactions using these digital certificates for identity and authenticity. Digital signature provides authenticity and ensures that the signature is verified. Digital signature of financial transactions adds the higher level of security for online transactions, which helps in creating paperless work environment and digital banking. It provides better customer experience and builds customer trust. This can stand in any court of law like any other signed paper document.

Benefits of Digital Signatures:

Save Time and Reduce Cost
Enhance Workflow Efficiency
Provides Better Customer Experience
Legal and Future Validity

Digital Account Opening & Digital Lending Applications

Under conventional banking, opening an account is a cumbersome and frustrating process. These days all trends indicate that bank’s clients want to utilize online and mobile channels with greater frequency for virtually all banking transactions including account opening and applying for a loan. Using digital tools to improve the online, mobile account opening process will eventually improve the onboarding and engagement process for new customers.

AKSA’s Digital Account Opening & Digital Lending Applications moves forward with digitization of financial inclusion and process digitalization of lending products.

AKSA’s Digital Account Opening & Digital Lending Applications combines the speed and convenience of mobile to enhance the user experience, with the security and confidentiality of a traditional branch experience.

AKSA Digital platform contains following modules:

Digital account opening-Online mode
Digital Account opening-Offline mode
Multiple level Loan Account Opening
Integration of Cash Flows
Loan origination system (LOS)
Workflows management for different types of loans like Khushal Kissan Loan, Live Stock Loan, Micro Enterprise Loan etc.
Debit Burden Ratio (DBR) calculation
User Management
Documents uploading
Digital Signing
Bucket Management for approval/ rejection
Support for multiple channels for Branch users, Super Agents, Agents, Retailers, Customer
Digital Account Opening & Digital Lending Applications

Mobile Wallets Application for Digital Onboarding

AKSA in collaboration with a microfinance bank did some extensive projects whose details are as follows:

Mobile Wallets Application for Digital Onboarding
SMS Based Communications (Data Network Non availability)
Mobile Wallet Account Opening
Easy Paisa (Digital Wallet)
Biometric Money send and receive
Domestic & International Remittances (through Biometric Enabled Tablets)
Govt. of Punjab Kisan Asaan Project (G2P Payment Disbursement)
Mobile Wallet Cash Withdrawals
Mobile Wallet Self Registration
Govt. of Sindh – Relief Disbursement Program (G2P Payment Disbursement)

Online Payments

AKSA developed following solutions for online payments:

KPK Government - KPPSC fee payment through Jazz Cash
BEOE - Fee Payment
Daraz online store payments through Jazz Cash
E-commerce CRM plugins for online payments
Online Payments

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