Device Management Platform

Mobile Device Management (MDM) and App Management Platform

Device Management Platform

Device Management Platform is a complete platform guaranteeing easy onboarding, device security and remote monitoring of devices. Our Platform provides a secure & controlled mechanism for performing software and firmware over the air updates of applications installed on devices. You can restrict app visibility and user access on devices through Access Control List mechanism. Our solution prevents unauthorized users from accessing devices hence ensuring your organization’s resources are protected from all types of security risks and threats. It offers back-end operations for control and execution of operations related to apps and security of the device for unlimited devices on your network. Through additional control mechanism, using the back-end portal, you can block device users from installing 3rd party apps and operating systems.

Device Management Platform is a fully-functional, one-stop solution that addresses all your concerns through its unique set of features:
Easy onboarding and configuration of devices
Deploy devices quickly and easily
Run device health checks and diagnostics
OTA plan management and scheduling
Secure app visibility and management
Firmware OTA management
Remotely troubleshoot devices
Profile configuration and management
User management
Comprehensive reporting
Data protection
Manage Application Configuration
Manage Wallpapers
Push New apps on the device
Manage Device App Group mapping
Comprehensive reporting
Audit trails

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