Branchless Banking Platform

Branchless Banking Platform(BPak)

In Pakistan there is growing need for Branchless Banking that offers fast banking services at affordable cost, to the lower income unbanked segment of society through use of latest IT / mobile phone technologies and agents, (to increase financial inclusion as per SBP policy). AKSA has developed Branchless Banking Platform (BPak), which offers banks a technological edge in acquiring new clients remotely, opening up entirely new banking channels and expanding their bank’s reach. BPak includes features for agent-assisted, customer-initiated transactions, and administration portals for effective engagement with customers. BPak has been designed to seamlessly and quickly integrate into virtually any infrastructure including the core banking solution (like Temenos, Flexcube etc.) already installed at the banks.

BPak is deployed at the National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) Bank and is successfully running for the last two years. BPak has undergone regulatory scrutiny by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), who has conducted the audits of BPak used by NRSP Bank and found it in conformity with SBP regulations.

AKSA enables financial institutions to work towards greater financial inclusion through inclusive and accessible service offerings that lead them to untapped banking market of 88 per cent of adult population in Pakistan for business growth.

The salient features of BPak include:

Beneficiary Management
Operating Channels (IB/ATM/Agent App/Customer App/POS)
Device & User/Profile Management
Ledger Management
Personalized Debit Card Issuance
Handling Branchless Transaction Account Limits
ISO 8583 message format implementation
SAF (Stored & Forward Module) Handling
Commission Management

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