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All cellular companies provide some services beyond standard voice calls, which help to spur the subscriber in using their phone more, allowing the operator with increased ARPU. Telenor using our VAS@Retail Portal came up with the idea of employing Retailers to introduce their VAS including Ring Back Tunes, Prayer Alerts, MMS News, Info Services, Cricket updates and Internet Bundle Offers etc., to customers directly.

The cellular market in Pakistan has reached saturation point in the last few years, with all mobile operators in a desperate quest for ways, beyond subscriber growth to boost revenues. Telenor, a key mobile phone player in Pakistan’s telecommunication market also understands the need to find some innovative way to retain and attract subscribers.

VAS@Retail was designed to lure customers away from other rival mobile companies by using Retailers as a marketing tool to offer Value added services to customers. The retailers get their deserved commission and bonuses for facilitating the customers to subscribe to these services. For each transaction, the retailer will get a commission that will be posted to his account, soon after the transaction is carried out. All the transactions are logged in to the system, to be used afterwards for reporting, invoicing and reconciliation purposes.

  • Keep account of all VAS, activated and deactivated for customers.
  • Enable Retailers to send purchase request to customers.
  • Define commission for each Retailer/ Franchise.
  • Identify Hierarchy of Retailers by allowing multiple levels - parent and child node.
  • Edit/Set Tax percentage for Tax deductions.
  • Identifies validity of each Retailer (Active / Blocked).
  • Allows allocation of service and content based on region.
  • Allow Campaign Management by letting you define added incentives or bonuses for Retailers /Franchise on reaching a certain threshold of target achievement.
  • Enables Retailers to check their commission amount/ summary of activations at any time of the day.
  • Lets you set alarms in case of hardware/software malfunction –these alarm messages are sent via SMS or e-mail to the top management.
  • Generates all financial reports with details on daily commissioning/daily transactions.

VAS@Retail Portal is an innovative solution, indeed a pride for AKSA-SDS! It comes with a comprehensive backend administration portal with complete user management, profile management and role based assignments. The product also contains a dashboard for managing all active Retailers and allows handling of technical operations related to VAS seamlessly.

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