Transmitter/Receiver for IFF Avionics


The Transmitter is used to transmit the desired signal at specified intervals to the interrogator for replying the identification pulsed. Transmitter module amplifies the low power RF signal being generated by the signal source to the required power level via the RF amplifier stage. The receiver is used to receive the signals from the interrogator and decoding / coding of the reply pulses. The program-control attenuator generates variable output power values needed by the system with different levels of processing. The attenuator takes its input from the main control of the unit and attenuates the RF signal level as desired by the receiver stages.

RF & Microwave circuit design of the transmitter and Receiver often not only includes circuit design of high frequency circuits, but it also has DC power tracks, low frequency signals and other medium frequency signals. High level of expertise is required in order to design and separate RF circuit from Low/Medium frequency and DC power tracks.

AKSA-SDS took the challenging task of design and development even with the absence of design specifications and requirements. This was the first time in the history of Pakistan Private Industry that AKSA-SDS managed to deliver critical RF Microwave project successfully.

The received signal is directed into two parts through a circulator unit in sum and delta channels, which feeds the signal into two separate processing units. This combination is regarded as a Transmitter/ Receiver combination which pass the RF signal received for processing. After the processing of the signal through video processing unit the signal is passed on to signal master board for final processing of interrogated signal reply.

All the challenges were met with generating the resources and requirement at AKSA-SDS premises. Specialized RF Microwave lab equipped with state of the art testing, measuring and diagnostic equipment, tools and testers were established. Our RF Microwave design experts worked day and night to successfully complete this project within the specified project timelines.

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