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To remain competitive in today's increasingly global economy, businesses must meet the growing demands of the customer and provide real time translation service. AKSA-SDS provides automated translation solutions which are dynamic, scalable and can seamlessly integrate with diverse business workflows. Our Translation Solutions offer translating services with technical accuracy and personalized interpretation for geographically dispersed audiences.

AKSA-SDS has designed a Language Translation Software that intelligently converts Urdu text into its respective English / Romanized English. This language translator is being used in all major Telecom companies in Pakistan for SIM Activation Services, which has resulted in the biggest implementation of its kind in the country. ALT is a SOAP based web service which can be hosted on a single web server. ALT transliteration services can either be deployed at AKSA-SDS's Data Centre or within the clients' territory.

AKSA-SDS provides SMS Translation service to Telecom industries of Pakistan allowing their subscribers to translate any phrase from either of the 14 supported languages to another. The system has a built-in artificial intelligence which automatically detects the source language without requiring the user to specify it. The only thing user needs to do is to specify to the SMS Translator, the target language in which translation is required. An additional feature of the service, translates the source language into user specified target language and Roman Characters.

In addition to translation solutions, AKSA-SDS also came forward with a Bulk Messaging Broadcast system that allows organizations to reach a large number of customers easily. It provides the most convenient way to send bulk SMS in Urdu language to any number of intended recipients, for the purpose of marketing. AKSA-SDS is the first company who offered bulk SMS in Urdu language. Our system uses Asynchronous communication mode for sending 200 SMS/Sec to 500 SMS/Sec simultaneously. AKSA-SDS Bulk Urdu SMS Message Broadcast system offers an additional Message Template Management feature in Urdu and English language with built-in templates and options for editing, deleting or adding a new template. Characters in languages such as Urdu, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Slavic languages (e.g. Russian) have also been encoded within the system using Unicode. Companies in Pakistan have, at large made use of AKSA-SDS's Bulk Urdu Message Broadcast for following purposes:

  • Businesses announcing new offers to their customers
  • Banks proclaiming new products and special offers
  • Retailers informing about discount offers and new arrivals to their regular clientele
  • Doctors reminding their patients of appointments and vaccinations
  • Banks sending out alerts when a customer uses his credit card

Short message service is a mechanism of delivering short messages over the mobile networks. AKSA-SDS's in-house development team has led the way in offering bulk SMS in Urdu language. Our proposed system has achieved the increase in throughput by sending SMS from 200 SMS/Sec to 500 SMS/Sec using Asynchronous communication mode for managing multiple connections simultaneously. AKSA-SDS Bulk Urdu SMS has successfully deployed the tracking of responses.Short message service is a mechanism of delivering short messages over the mobile networks.

  • Ability to set alpha or numeric sender id (originator address) dynamically
  • Delivery reports with GSM error codes
  • GSM character support
  • Unicode UCS2
  • Group Management
  • Schedule Management

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