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Edhi Foundation is the largest non-profit social welfare program in Pakistan, with over 300 centers across the country. The Edhi Foundation has been providing medical aid, family planning and emergency assistance, private ambulance services, round-the-clock without any discrimination of color, class, and creed. In addition to this, the organization also helps in covering burial and graveyard costs of unclaimed and unidentified bodies during times of disaster and tragedy.

Medical Experts and Investigators often have a huge task of identifying corpses at public morgues. There are many challenges that handicap experts in identifying a body that may not be in the best of conditions. Sometimes, a corpse may not have a personal identification card, or maybe badly decomposed, making it impossible to visually identify the corpse. In these situations, fingerprinting the deceased may be the best alternative for identifying a dead body and learning the victim’s name and physical address.

The Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) in collaboration with the Edhi Foundation initiated biometric verification of dead bodies at Edhi Morgue. AKSA-SDS welcomed this initiative and responded with a comprehensive biometric verification solution to resolve victim identification issues through fingerprinting overcoming many challenges that handicap experts in identifying a body that may not be in the best of conditions.

Our Biometric Solution consists of the following components:

  • Handheld Device Biometric Module.
  • “Morgue Identification” Windows Application.

The Morgue’s identification windows application helps in identifying corpses by verifying their fingerprints from NADRA using Biometric functionality. Our solution has empowered CPLC and Edhi Foundation to inform family members of the deceased in a timely manner for proper burial and funeral procession with utmost respect and care as a large number of disaster victims resulting from national catastrophes or terror strikes go unidentified.

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