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In today’s world of fast moving economy, account management has gone beyond a typical bank account and is now available on your mobile phone through hundreds of branchless banks. The users can carry out normal banking transactions like Account Opening, Money Transfer, Money Receive, etc. Through Mobile Account without actually going to a bank.

The mobile operators in Pakistan reached a stage where they needed to provide more convenient, yet secured services to its customers in order to compete in the business contest. Telenor, a market leader in the Mobile Money, initiated need to provide its customers' most user-friendly way for the Mobile.

AKSA-SDS designed and developed Mobile Account Registration System (MARS) to allow automation of Mobile Account Registration & verification process. The Mobile account registration solution is a portable, distributed 3 tier solution, which allows user to login at the front end. The user credentials are sent to its Middleware for verification by the retailer. On successful authentication, the retailer captures the customer's CNIC front, back images and the digital signature of the customer using the touch screen of the device. Account registration and verification. Our solution operates via following front-end channels, while these front-end channels use the same back-end middleware.

  • Handset (Mobile) based
  • Web browser based
  • Customer CNIC In
  • Biometric Capture & Verification
  • KYC fields
  • Registration

M Wallet/Wallet Registration:
  • Allows customers for Wallet account registrations.
  • Allows registration for all Levels along with the facility for Level Migration.
  • Digital account opening, form printing and generation.
  • Captures customer’s picture, thumb and signature.
Web based Solution:
This channel is being used in sales & service centers for wallet account registrations and Merchant account authentication.It captures customer’s picture, thumb and signature.
Bulk Account Registration System:
Bulk Account Registration System allows bulk wallet account registrations in a go. It also helps FS management to facilitate corporate clients for salary disbursements.
Magic box II:
  • Android based enhanced version of MagicBox - I.
  • Customized Point of Sale embedded system used at Telco’s retail outlets for automation of all business processes.
  • Facilitates in Wallet account registrations, New SIM sales (Paired/ Loose), Change of owner ship, SIM Replacement, PIN/PUK, Easy Load, Commissioning.
  • 2-D barcode reading module.
Wallet Accounts Registration Administration Panel:
  • Allows banking team to Approve Account Registration Request.
  • Reject Account Registration Request.
  • Reprocess Account Registration Request.
  • Comprehensive Reporting.
  • Role based user management.
  • Implementation of ISO 270001 security compliance.
  • Centralized access to all requests landing from different registration channels.
  • Configuration Panel.
  • Functionality for the Role management and access rights to user.

Mobile Account Registration is a state of the art solution that AKSA-SDS developed to meet the unique requirement of the client. It provides outstanding features, far more than what the other vendors provide.

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