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AKSA-SDS provides a diverse range of image processing services and has designed a variety of unique applications in the field of Digital Image Processing. From image scanning where images are converted to digitized format, to image compression and advanced image processing, AKSA-SDS has been at the forefront of developing new algorithms in this area, since its inception in 2000. Our fast, flexible and precise Image Processing Services include improving the pictures (enhancement & restoration), extracting information (analysis & recognition). As well as changing their structure (composition & editing).

AKSA-SDS's Document Scanning Services enable clients to save space, speed access to archives, reduce risk and ensure compliance. Our state-of-the-art Electronic Document Flow system converts paper archives and images to a more useful, searchable format, thus increasing productivity and extending the capabilities for all kinds of businesses.

Working with documentation is an essential part of every company. Problems such as information overload, duplication, ineffective version management and inconsistency directly affects the effectiveness of the overall company's activity. AKSA-SDS has designed an Electronic Document flow system to transform the routine paperwork into electronic documents which are much easier to find. This is done by using AKSA-SDS industry leading Document Scanning Services which:

  • Digitize paper records to allow instant access to all electronic documents with just a click of a mouse.
  • Reduce or eliminate paper, storage, copying, mail and courier costs.
  • Creates and stores documents digitally for immediate retrieval and unlimited sharing of documents across the organization.
  • Maintains the confidentiality and integrity of all documents, by ensuring all mission critical documents are safe with no redundant data entry.
  • Keeps track of the movement of documents, current location of the documents and the document movement history.

The new High-Density Recording (HDR) Standard for magnetic cards being driven by Mag-Tek (a leading manufacturer of electronic devices and systems for the reliable issuance, reading, transmission and security of cards, checks, PINs and other identification documents) allowed 234 Bytes of data on a single track (with 72 additional Bytes allotted for error correction).

A primary feature of this new standard is the recording of a useable color image of a person's face for security purposes, along with other biometrics, such as fingerprints. AKSA-SDS has determined the best approach for compression of a color, facial image to no more than 230 Bytes so that a quality facial image can be recorded on just one of the six possible tracks on the new standard (ISO/IEC 7811-7). We believe that this capability, coupled with MagnePrint ™ technology will constitute an important new level of card security.

Obtaining and archiving images from web sites is a difficult job to do, at present. Also, archiving images will continue to be of increasing interest in years to come, as more and more electronic commerce becomes prevalent. AKSA-SDS Web Archiving software captures web site images at user's discretion, aid user in deciding the number of images to save and prepares electronic image files suitable for an appropriate image archiving device. As per the user requirement, following can be done:

  • Images can be recorded on to a CD-ROM resultantly, a color bitmap image is produced.
  • A continuous tone gray scale image is produced, when written to a 35mm microfilm with an Image Graphic electron beam writer.
  • Creates and stores documents digitally for immediate retrieval and unlimited sharing of documents across the organization.
  • In either case, an appropriate image file is produced which enables digital archiving of the web site at a specific point in time.

AKSA-SDS offers a unique product to the Digital Image Preservation market that works with the KODAK Intelligent Micro-image Scanner (IMS). The IMS product allows user to access an electronic image from microfilm on demand, however, at present, this is a manual process. Using the AKSA-SDS Internet Image Retriever (IIR), this image access may be accomplished remotely, through the Internet and without human intervention. This product uses existing KODAK Computer Aided Retrieval (CAR) software.

The unit that allows image access without human intervention is the AKSA-SDS Accessory Robot Device (ARD). The ARD is a simple, special purpose robot whose purpose is to pick a microfilm cartridge out of a storage unit and place it into the slot on the IMS for image retrieval. The storage unit should hold at least 48 cartridges and may be of arbitrary geometry, depending on the robot design. It is robust, simple and very reliable, having less than one miss feed in 1000 requests.

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