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As a solution provider in services category, AKSA-SDS offers obsolete technology solutions in Embedded, power and Microwave domain. Obsolete Electronics/Avionics and Control systems, which are no more supported by Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), AKSA-SDS provides alternate design solutions in form, fit and functions, thus, enhancing the product life by another 5-10 years, depending on the SLA. We also undertake repair of complicated Electronics systems, which are no more supported by the OEM and Repair Depots/Factories.

AKSA-SDS has successfully designed, developed and delivered many solutions in the domain of embeded systems. Our design engineers can optimize solutions to reduce the size and cost of the product and increase the reliability and performance. Some embedded systems are mass-produced, benefiting from economies of scale. AKSA-SDS have accredited itself in delivering the telecommunication solutions such as Magic Boxes, Blue Tooth Devices, GPRS/GPS based point of sale boxes and many solutions related to avionics and electronics fields. Just an insight to our skills in Embedded systems:

  • Test Program Set Development, Tester Automation, ATE Test Benches Development.
  • Integration of different Micro Electro-Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) in the Tilt Sensors, Mach meters and Gyro related avionics systems.
  • Embedded systems based on DSP, FPGA, Microcontrollers and SOC platforms.
  • ASICS Designing.
  • Expertise in graphic user interface for different applications in tester’s development. Test Engineers can develop GUI’s in Lab View, C++ and Mat lab.
  • Development of Automation Software’s and testers as per user requirement.
  • Up gradation of obsolete system design.
  • Linux based system development involving OS & Kernal compilation, debugging and optimizing.

RF & Microwave PCBs Design

AKSA-SDS has the capability to design complex RF Microwave PCBs of Mixers, Encoders, Decoders, Attenuators, Low noise amplifiers and power amplifiers for RF Receivers and Transmitters. RF & Microwave Circuit design first need to be designed and simulated on a variety of simulation softwares in order to confirm the basic design concept and how it will work in the system. Agilent's Advanced Design System "ADS" is used to design and simulate RF circuits and networks; Ansys "HFSS" is used for 3D structural simulations for different multidimensional RF Designs such as Horn, Parabolic Reflector, and other 3D structures.

Analogue and Digital PCBs Design

AKSA-SDS has experienced design engineers on its board who are capable of designing complex analogue, single layer, double layer, multi layers up to 21 layers and high frequency digital boards for commercial, industrial and avionics application as per IPC class ii & iii. IPC-A-600 standard is used for Bare PCBs acceptance. We have successfully designed and developed PCBs with more than 2.5 GHz operating speed and mix signal PCBs.

Core Expertise

  • Designing of Multilayered PCB layouts from Single to 22 layers with Customized Layer Stack ups to achieve Rigid and Flex PCBs as per requirement.
  • Expertise in Chip Designing: LTE, Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC modules.
  • Expertise dealing with Length Matched & Controlled Impedance Routing Techniques.
  • Efficient designing Layouts comprising of High Density Interconnect (HDI), LGA, BGA packages using Blind and buried micro vias.
  • Designing Analogue, Digital and Hybrid PCBs.
  • Implementation of High Speed USB Communication and modules like GPS/GSM/Antenna/NFC and PCIE connects.
  • Design Simulations, Testing and Mechanical Verification before PCB Manufacturing.
  • Consultation of design for DFM, DFA, DFP and DFT.

RF & Microwave design tuning is a complex job which can be done only when you have the right development tools and relevant experience. AKSA-SDS is one of the very few companies in Pakistan that have successfully designed and tuned Very complex RF Microwave solid state Receivers / Transmitters, power amplifiers, sum and difference pre amplifiers and provided custom circuit tuning services for circuit level tuning or system level tuning.


  • Frequency Range of 6KHz to multiple of GHz (4GHz).
  • Amplifiers RF Power Generation upto 2KW at 3GHz.
  • Low Noise Detection and Amplification upto -90dB.
  • High Isolation TR Switches.
  • Tuning & Testing of RF microwave designs.
  • Electro-Mechanical Chassis.
  • Antenna Designing for GSM and GPS applications, PIN diodes based reconfigurable antennas for GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900, UMTS, monopole for WiFi and Yagi for Mid-Range radio band.

The PCB design team at AKSA-SDS has specialized in High Speed, RF, Mixed-Signal and Multilayer PCB designing. We offer PCB layout services to our foreign clients in USA. We have a number of projects completed with them, particularly in the field of vehicle automation system. We are provided with the circuit diagrams that includes custom and standard electronics parts along with package information. The First task is to understand the design requirement that includes the size and layers of the PCB, identifying the high speed signals i.e. Clock signals, data and address buses, Differential signals, RF signals and the mechanical outline and board shape of PCB. Designing is usually started with components library management and then schematic entry takes place.

After design verification the layout task gets started. All the critical signals (differential pairs, clock signals, RF signals etc.) are routed by following the standard guidelines to ensure the signal integrity of the signals. Once the design is completed in all aspects it is sent to the client for final verification. After verification of design, its fabrications files are sent to the manufacturer along with fabrication information. Further correspondence is done by the manufacturer in case of any queries. We have designed highly dense PCBs of size less than 1" x 1" and up to six layers including high density QFN packages, differential pairs and RF signals.

AKSA-SDS has accredited itself in the design and development of switching mode power supplies for avionics and aircraft applications, High Voltage power supplies and their test benches. Here is a list of some of our expertise in Power Electronics domain:

  • Isolated/non-isolated power supplies (switch mode & modular based) of different voltage and current ratings as per requirements (up to 20A).
  • High voltage power supplies up to 30KV.
  • Design, repair and troubleshooting of Analog, Digital and Power circuits.
  • Design, modification and development of power circuits as per requirements.
  • Shielding, compact and multi output transformer design for different frequencies up to 400Hz.
  • Switching Mode Power supply / High Voltage Power Supply.

AKSA-SDS has successfully designed and developed embedded system and RF Microwave, boards, standalone systems, navigation and Head up Display system Boards, IFF transponders and Interrogators and their testers, airborne radar system parts, graphic controllers, FPGA based aircraft cockpit avionics systems, power supplies, LNA's, command converter cards for testers, 1553 bus cards, digital and analogue converter boards and their testers for avionics applications.

AKSA-SDS has designed and developed analogue and digital electronic boards for Diesel Engine Locomotives. We have covered almost all the electrical and electronic section cards of Locomotives brake systems, driver navigation and engine control systems, generating exciting and monitoring sensors cards, engine data display systems and inverter cards.

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  • AKSA-SDS was established in 2000 as a Software, Hardware and Product Development Company.

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