First Line IFF Tester (“Field” Level)


“Field” level tester is used to test the working state and functionality of the complete transponder. It transmits the modulated 1030MHz signal which is received by transponder receiver. Transponder transmitter then sends a reply at modulated 1090MHz which is then received by Field level tester and it confirms the received signal as an output pulse. This is a state of the art tester which is easy to use and hand carry tester to meet the test requirements in the field.

  • Non availability of design specifications and requirements.
  • To make it hands carry so it can be used remotely.
  • To increase its battery back-up.
  • Development of RF PCB.
  • Verification of “S” Parameter of developed PCB.
  • Procurement of critical Filters, Oscillators and Mil Spec Parts.
  • Testing of designed RF and power circuits to increase its battery back-up.
  • Stuffing and soldering of RF Microwave circuits.
  • Design and development of Mechanical Chassis compatible with RF Microwave operating frequency.
  • Adjustment of transmitter’s power and receiver’s sensitivity.

The First Line IFF Tester of Transponder System constitutes of a total of five SRUs or Cards/ Boards which when integrated make the whole tester in working state (along with Antenna), the SRUs are namely:

  • Display Board (8 Digit Display)
  • Mother Board/ Signal Processor Board/ Control Module
  • Encoder/ Decoder
  • Power Supply/ Board/ Card
  • RF Card/ Portion (including Receiver & Transmitter)

It is capable of checking the code capacity of “IFFPEHCHAN14” identification codes of Mode 1 (32 groups), Mode 2 (4096 groups) and Mode 3/A (4096 groups), altitude value of Mode C (-386 ~ +38618m) and identification code by encryption mode (M6) in the meantime it is also capable of checking the special identification code and side lobe suppression of responded by ““IFFPEHCHAN14”. It can function properly for long hours after its complete charging due to its large battery backup of 8000mAH.

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