Employees' Old-Age Benefits Institution System


EOBI is a national institution of the Government of Pakistan providing compulsory social insurance in the form of Old-Age Pension, Survivor's Pension, Invalidity Pension, and Old-Age Grant. EOBI authorized Tameer Bank to disburse pensions to EOBI pensioners nationwide. Our EOBI system has empowered Telenor to disperse pensions, to insured persons or their survivors, on behalf of the Employee Old-Age Benefits Institution by automating pension disbursement.

For years, the EOBI as an Institution has been the only organization responsible for dispersing pensions, in collaboration with National Bank Limited (NBL). Due to limited NBL branches, restricted bank hours and lack of proper management, a dire need was felt for a solution that would facilitate the elderly to receive their pensions easily and more effortlessly. Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) needed a web-based solution to ensure management and distribution of pension with the utmost expediency that would also help build trust of pensioners and their survivors in the institution.

AKSA-SDS developed a complete and far-reaching mechanism and foundation for EOBI, to distribute the compulsory social insurance to insured persons more swiftly than ever before. Our solution has brought beneficiary and technology closer with the highest possible precision, omitting exhausting situations caused by the manual procedure of pension disbursement and collection of benefits like Old-Age Pension, Invalidity Pension, Old-Age Grant, and Survivor's Pension. Telenor Pakistan in collaboration with Tameer Micro Finance Bank used our solution to successfully manage the core business process involved in the disbursement of pensions including pensioners’ registration, pension calculation, fee processing and commission disbursement.

The prime modules comprised by the system are:

  • Pensioner’s Data Insertion/ Updating in AKSA-SDS Master DB.
  • Disbursements over the counter (OTC).
  • Disbursements through Mobile Account (MA).
  • Disbursements through Cards (ATM).
  • Pensions disbursements core engine.
  • Front End EOBI Portal.
  • Back end Administration Portal.
  • Report back disbursed pensions.
  • Reports.

Being the only national institute for employees’ old age benefits, EOBI faced several uphill challenges such as speedy facilitation services to employers. Using our solution, Telenor has stepped forward in sharing this major responsibility of disbursement of timely pensions and has opened new doors for assisting employers (directly and through other channels). Doing so, has made managing core business process of disbursement of pensions a lot more effective with increased satisfaction among senior citizens!

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