Biometric Verification System


All major Telecom Companies; Warid, Telenor and Ufone, in accordance with the regulations of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), have successfully started implementing Biometric Verification System, at their Business Centers and Franchises all over Pakistan.

Telecom industry of Pakistan has long been struggling with un-registered and un-verified SIMs. All regulatory and industry efforts made so far have proven insufficient to get rid of unregistered SIMs from the market. Despite all these steps and blockade of millions of SIMs, the issue of unregistered and illegal SIMs remained unresolved. PTA issued a strict policy, few months back that demanded all cellular companies to eliminate unregistered SIMS from the country.

The Biometric Verification System by AKSA-SDS comes with a modern fingerprint facility, where each customer is required to record a thumb impression, which is then matched in real-time with NADRA’s database. Doing so ensures no customer can purchase a new SIM on CNIC that is fake or doesn’t belong to the customer. This has reduced the risk of SIM issuance against fake identity to almost zero. The Biometric Verification System is designed and engineered using the experience of AKSA-SDS team with latest technologies and best practices in Biometrics and Enterprise Software Development.

  • The Biometric Verification System supports multiple application interfaces like:
    • Desktop based
    • Web based
    • Smart Device
    • J2ME Supported Handsets
  • The Biometric device supports Communication interfaces like:
    • USB
    • Bluetooth
  • The application supports Standard Web service over GPRS / EDGE / Wi-Fi.
  • The system is designed having multi-threaded architecture, ensuring robustness and scalability.
  • All communication between client and server is SSL encrypted.
  • Does not store any fingerprint information at any point during processing.
  • The Middleware of the Verification system uses connection pooling combined with a “queuing” mechanism for situation when resources are inadequate to cope with peak loads.
  • It maintains logs for biometric verification process locally. Both the Server side/ Client side logs are generated. Client side logs get uploaded automatically through GRPS / EDGE to middleware.
  • The system has a well designed, normalized database using Oracle 11g as RDBMS, allowing indexing with optimized queries.

As global security remains top of mind for the Government of Pakistan, prior to our Biometric Verification System deployment, SIM verification methods were all prone to frauds. AKSA-SDS is proud of State-of-the-art Biometric Verification System which supports the government in its efforts to meet threats effectively by ensuring the overall safety of all citizens.

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