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AKSA-SDS provides automated transliteration solutions which are dynamic, scalable and can seamlessly integrate with diverse business workflows. AKSA Language Translator has gained immense recognition among all TELCOs for offering technically accurate transliteration services with personalized interpretation for geographically dispersed audiences. The accuracy of our transliteration output is the backbone of TELCOs SIM Activation Services, which has resulted in the biggest implementation of its kind in the country.

The Telecom Industry in Pakistan has gone through an unprecedented growth in the last few years with the number of subscribers multiplying every passing day. All TELCOs have Franchises in far corners of the country issuing SIMS to new Customers. The customer data acquired for issuing new SIMS is sent to NADRA for verification of information and authentication of the user. The verified data that comes from NADRA is in Urdu language. Now the challenge comes-in where all major Telecom companies require transliteration of this Urdu data into English/ Romanized English to have consistent data of customers stored in their databases.

ALT is a SOAP based web service which can be hosted on a single web server. ALT transliteration services can either be deployed at AKSA-SDS’s Data Centre or within the clients’ territory.The requests from the client side get stored in a queue. ALT has inbuilt enhanced functionality to ensure that none of the clients’ request gets lost, in case of connection breakup. The queue-manager stores these requests which get delivered to the client after conversion. The usual turnaround time of transliterating six fields of customer’s requests and response back is 300 milliseconds (excluding delays caused by the network).

AKSA’s Language Translators comes packed with the following features:

  • Provides quality transliteration services delivered in-time with rapid turnaround schedules.
  • Can be customized for local languages besides Urdu. The current solution offers conversion of Sindhi Language also.
  • Assures linguistic accuracy with complete knowledge of grammar, syntax and specialised terminology having a thorough understanding of culture.
  • Capable of Multithreading.
  • Capable of generating necessary Reports, such as:
    • System Performance Report - Overall performance report of ALT. It monitors functions such as:
      • Average recognition time
      • Total execution time
      • Number of unrecognized data
    • Error Report - Identifies errors for all inserted data mismatching with System defined format.
    • Real Time Alerts - Notifies the operator in case of any fatal server errors or for instances when execution time exceeds from minimum critical level. These alerts can be configured via e-mail or SMS.

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